And we are back with another set of tips that will really help you out in making the best of open houses and ensuring that these opportunities are utilized completely.

In terms of Open Houses, we shared the basic strategies to be used but in this article we have recommended the top 3 ways that you can impress the customers and go that extra mile to add value to your company and proposition.

Take a look at our pick and let us know what you think!

1. Collaborate with Local Artists

A brilliant idea would be to collaborate and/or partner with budding artists which may be singers, bands or designers and showcase their talent in the property.
This serves two purposes, one being the fact that the potential clients are entertained and also that the artists are being supported as well.

2. Themed Open House

Nowadays, an open house is not just an opportunity to browse through a property but it is an opportunity for an experience that the prospective client may wish to envision.
For example, if it were a property passed down from a Spanish Heritage, a good idea would be to design the open house as a themed experience with tapas, music and some dance even!

3. Drone Advertising

An extremely unique marketing concept, Drone Advertising basically involves attaching banners to drones and flying them in public places and this could be specially catered for certain open houses as well.
Even though it’s a little on the costlier side, many real estate agents believe that it catches people’s attention and is a great method to spread positive word of mouth.

These methods are a little unconventional but we think that when you try to do something different, you tend to get noticed by the public because every individual is looking out for that extra added value which differentiates it from the ordinary.

Let us know if you have tried these methods and if they have worked out for you!