As a Real Estate Agent, we can understand the importance of Marketing and that too utilizing the right tools to communicate the same to your existing clients and attract potential ones.

There exist a lot of traditional methods for Marketing, but today we will be focusing on online platforms that will facilitate the enhancement of your marketing skills and possibly increase in your clients as well.

Here are some of the top 5 online platforms for you to try:

One of the very best real estate platforms available, is a pioneer when it comes to online real estate business. It has more than 130 million visits per month and can generate up to $2.6 in commissions for every $1 spent successfully.
If is not something that is available in your country, you can always look out for local sites as well.

2. Viral Video
It’s a great idea to create viral content which will attract customers to your website and let them know something insightful with the content that your are publishing.

3. Newsletters
It may seem a little old-fashioned but Newsletters go a long way, especially when you are providing your readers with good content that may range from blogs, articles to current listings. So, always get your clients to subscribe to your newsletters and use a service like Mail Chimp for easy and smooth usage.

4. Facebook Advertising
A very powerful tool in the social media world, Facebook Advertising really helps to target certain audiences that you would wish to attract and eventually acquire as well. For example, if you are looking to target males less than 40 years old, Facebook advertising lets you add those parameters as well.

5. Text Message Marketing
One of the most sure shot techniques to deliver your message is via Text Messages such that it is short but effective as well. But, don’t forget to include your contact and reference at the end of every text message also.

We hope you will find these tips useful and will utilize them as well. Let us know what you think!