Welcome to REAS! We are here to help you!

We understand that every realtor is different and wants their business and clients handled in their own special way. Our highly skilled team will ensure your business is being handled just the way you want it. They can work on or off site to suite your needs. Once we have you set up, you will never have to hire or train another assistant again.

We can assist you with everything you need:

  • First things first, you will meet with an Account Manager to assess your needs and how we might be able to support you
  • The Account Manage will map out your needs and come up with a strategy
  • We help you organize and build a solid foundation from which to grow
  • We hire and train an Administrator to handle all of the day to day tasks that you may have to free up your time to focus on money making tasks
  • Help you grow your business by assisting you with implementing growth and income producting projects and strategies