In the line of work of a Real Estate Agent, Open Houses are pretty common occurrences but it can also be extremely stressful as well. Often, you are bombarded with thoughts about the property such as its aesthetics, cleanliness, post signs and so on.

To help you ease the pain of planning an open house, we have got together some tips which will go a long way in organizing one which will be an instant success!

Here are the top 3 tips for any open house you are planning to throw:

1. Showcase the Property in the best light possible

There are always some tweaks that you could do to be able to showcase the property in the best possible way, such as turn on all lights, open curtains and remove items off the countertops and get the entire apartment properly cleansed.

The aim is for the possible buyers to imagine themselves living in the said space and that can only be done when the property is bare and tidy as well.

2. Design an online Property website

When potential buyers visit any property, they are likely to snap pictures and videos that would be used to evaluate the home later on. It may also lead up to many visiting the property again for better reference.

A lot of hassle can be saved if you can create a property website for the same or even include a 360-degree view feature which will let the buyer evaluate the property closely and will also lead to many turning to you for future real estate purchases as well.

3. Invite neighbors to lunch/dinner

A brilliant yet a little heavy on the pocket strategy would be to invite the neighbors for a lunch/dinner which will create a buzz among the community and acquaintances. It always goes a long way when you create long-term relationships within community.
Always remember to include the asking price and other details when invited for the supper.

These are just the TOP 3 tips that we have covered this week; we will come back with more tips next week on how to maximize opportunities out of open houses!

Stay Tuned!