If you ask almost any top producer, they’ll tell you that the secret to success as a real estate agent is primarily about getting and marketing listings.

But it’s hard to focus on this activity when you’re bogged down in the details of all the paperwork and scheduling a busy agent has to do.

Gary Keller, who founded Keller Williams Realty, one of the most successful agencies in the world, gave this advice in his bestselling book, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent.

“There are so many great reasons to devote all of your time and effort to taking and marketing listings. The Millionaire Real Estate Agent grasps the incredible advantages of making, obtaining, and marketing seller listings their primary lead-generation focus, and they do so almost exclusively. Over time, they will hire one or more buyer specialists to work the buyer side of the business and concentrate their energy on the high-return, high-leverage business of listings.”

Keller also says there’s only ONE way to reach the goal of focusing “exclusively” on “the high-return, high-leverage business of listings.” “taking and marketing listings.” You have to hire buyer specialists.

But he also recommends you do something even more important before that.

Hire a Real Estate Assistant First

In 2013, at the Keller-Williams attendees got an Million Real Estate Agent refresher entitled, “The Timeless Truths of the MREA” with Carl Battiste.

Here is one of the most important “timeless truths” he discussed from Keller’s book, which many consider to be the definitive training manual for agents wanting to make a million or more in their real estate business.

“The big mistake a lot of people make is to first hire a buyer agent.”

Here’s the problem with that strategy. You just end up busier — not more productive. And if you’re not careful you become the assistant, wasting all your time on paperwork and scheduling –- not “taking and marketing” listings.

So What’s the Solution?

Keller recommends hiring three types of assistants –- an administrative assistant, a listing assistant and a buyer assistant.

In other words, there is a predictable, step-by-step process to reach millionaire agent status and hiring an assistant comes before hiring buyers’ agents.

Leverage Your Time With 80/20 Thinking

Most of you have at least tried to practice the 80/20 principle, meaning you focus 80 per cent of your time and attention on the 20 per cent of your tasks that really revolutionize your bottom line.

But if you don’t have an assistant, it is practically impossible to do.

Why? The 80 per cent of stuff still needs to get done and as the one ultimately responsible for it, it usually falls to you. So the sad truth is you BECOME the assistant.

Hiring the Right Person Saves You Money

But hiring the wrong person can be even worse than not having an assistant. It can cost you a lot of time and dollars –- and it can leave you extremely frustrated.

So you need to ask yourself, do you really have the time to devote to finding the talented and capable assistant you need?

If not, work with someone who has expertise in this area. Someone, not just experienced in hiring assistants, but someone who knows what it takes to be an administrative assistant for a productive real estate agent, moving toward the million dollar sales mark.

Here’s a laundry list of details a real estate assistant can take care of:

Input listings in the MLS
Upload listings to your website
Create feature sheets
Coordinate stagers, photographers & floor plans
Enter clients into databases
Prepare CMA Presentations
Schedule buyer tours
Ensure all documents are filed correctly
Prepare newsletters
Schedule and prepare for open houses
Ensure the marketing plan is followed
Update your web-site
Source content & update social media
Coordinate contracts with buyer/seller
Gather feedback to update clients
Schedule and allow access for showings
Answer emails & phone calls
Assist with buyer purchase due diligence
Ensure all communications are addressed
and followed up on
Post ads on free sites such as craigslist, ca and zoocasa.com
Scheduling personal appointments
Keep clients informed, updated and happy
Research & implement projects
Maintain & Organize office inventory
Update market stats presentations
Listing maintenance

Dismissing the Limiting Belief “But I Can’t Afford It”

If you want to take your real estate career to the next level, the million-dollar or more level, you have to invest in yourself and your business. That means spending money on education, people and systems that really matter and produce results.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. No matter how much you want things to be different –- they won’t change until you change and do things differently.

Maybe you’re just starting out in your real estate business or possibly you’re a real estate veteran who has been stuck at the same level of productivity for a long, long time.

Even if you’re making a comfortable living, you can double and even triple your current production with this one simple strategy. You can also create more time to spend with your family or for the other things in life you enjoy.

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